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Easy Portuguese Custard Tarts | How to Use Those Extra Yolks

Portuguese Custard Tarts

So for every home-made lemon meringue pie that emerges from the kitchen, there’s a bowl of excess egg yolks. These, of course, have to be put to use in a manner befitting the gloriously golden hue of the home laid egg! As major custard lovers, our minds automatically turn to that glorious melange of egg, vanilla and cream and the yummy delights that can be created from that unbeatable combination.

Let Loose the Juice | Three Ways to Save Your Wrinkly Satsumas from Extermination

The Unloved Satsuma

I don’t know about you, but I often find buying satsumas, mandarins or clementines a bit of a lottery – sometimes they are delicious and juicy and the kids just romp through them. At other times they are disappointing, tough and destined to a future languishing in the fruit bowl unloved, ignored and ultimately deteriorating.

Warburton’s Toastie Bread Wrapper

Can I Recycle Warbutons

We wrote to Warburtons about their Toastie bread, as we thought the wrapper was made of paper and therefore recyclable, but we wanted to check! Here is their answer! It is worth noting that normal plastic bread bags are now recyclable in most supermarket carrier bag recycling collection points!

Carrot and Coriander Soup | Our Veg Patch Salvage

carrot and coriander soup

So it’s coming to the end of the veg patch year for us around September. We are fair weather gardeners with only minimal space to play with, so at this point we have a good ‘root’ around quite literally, to see what we have missed in our daily harvest. Invariably this yields a collection of not quite big enough carrots, who definitely wouldn’t make the supermarket cut, but are perfect for a hearty and healthy soup! One of our favourites, as well as being the simplest to make, any manner of carrot will do! Here is our tried and tested recipe in all its glory!