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Time to Get a Refill | Shopping Plastic-Free

Refillable Produce Bags

As people strive to waste less and reduce plastic in their lives, more and refill, plastic-free and bulk commodity shops and services are cropping up. Not only does this offer people a route to buy their weekly staples minus plastic, but it also offers the opportunity to explore new ingredients, ways of shopping and ultimately ways of consuming, which has to be a good thing.

Plastic-Free Coffee from Percol

plastic-free coffee

Organic coffee company Percol, has become the first brand to introduce plastic-free packaging for their ground & beans coffee range. They are the first coffee brand to receive the ‘Plastic Free Trust Mark’ from A Plastic Planet.  You’ll start to notice the Plastic-Free logo on their new home compostable Ground, Beans and Coffee Bag packaging.

Yummy Bird Food Cakes From Larder Leftovers

bird food cakes

Hands up who has got a larder or cupboard full of out of date baking ingredients that they can’t bear to throw away? Not only did we have a large pile of all of these, such as dried fruit, nuts, oats, and even coconut from 2015, but we had two boxes of Atora suet that had been eyeing me up imploringly since I opted to use butter in my homemade mincemeat last Christmas! I knew I had to make use of them, and one day it dawned on me that the combination that I had to hand would also make perfect bird food cakes!