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Welcome to a Resourceful Life

Welcome to Waste Not Want Not. Now as our name would suggest, we are all about waste, and how to reduce it. Our idea is simple. We want to help you reduce waste in your life, whether that be time, money, resource, skills or even talent. We only get one live after all and we believe you should live it well! We love to reduce, reuse and recycle, make our own and run things efficiently…we are all about living a smart life!

Small Changes, Big Difference | How to Reduce Plastic in Your Life in 4 Easy Steps!

Reduce Plastic

So it seems that the world is now committed to reducing the amount of plastic we use in our every day lives. For the sake of our planet and in particular our oceans, the consensus appears to be that things need to change. There is big pressure on the supermarkets, Government and manufacturers to make this easier on all of us by innovating, legislating and just making it all a little bit easier to do since ultimately they are the ones that profit from our high consumption convenience driven lifestyles. But there is no doubt that we all need to adjust our behaviour.

Recycle Your Felt Tip Pens with BIC’s Writing Instruments Programme

Can I Recycle Felt Tip Pens

Any household with children will know just how many felt tip pens pass through their doors over the years. And it seems that the vast majority of them will meet a premature end when the smaller members of the family leave the lids off on a regular basis. I know I have tried everything to avoid their early demise, but the sad fact of the matter is, kids, get through tons of the things!

Plastic-Free Coffee from Percol

plastic-free coffee

Organic coffee company Percol, has become the first brand to introduce plastic-free packaging for their ground & beans coffee range. They are the first coffee brand to receive the ‘Plastic Free Trust Mark’ from A Plastic Planet.  You’ll start to notice the Plastic-Free logo on their new home compostable Ground, Beans and Coffee Bag packaging.

How to Recycle Books | Six Great Ways to Give Your Books External Life!

Recycle Books for World Book Day

So I have two obsessions/passions in life – one is of course waste reduction and recycling – the other is a much more simple pleasure, and that is books! World Book Day gets me particularly excited about life! I think some people would call me a bibliophile because the sight of a book shop or a library or even a pile of books gets my heart racing, and the likes of Waterstone’s, and even better, a dusty old independent book shop, is my idea of Shangri-La! My dream would be to have a coffee shop full of vintage up cycled furniture, and books, hundreds of them, where people could come to relax and read! One day…in the meantime, here is my Waste Not Want Not Guide to making the very most of every single tome, and every single page, and every single word of beauty!

How Buy Your Mother’s Day Flowers Plastic-Free!

mothers day flowers plastic free

So this weekend is another one of those dates when everybody makes a last minute dash for the flower shops and online florists hoping to secure a suitable gift for a loved one – yes it’s Mother’s Day! Now of course absolutely every mummy deserves a lovely bunch of flowers – I favour a small bunch of daffs personally, and a lovely lie in. But if you want to buy your mum something a little more extravagant, you may be in the habit of hot-footing it to the supermarket, the garage forecourt, corner shop or even going online and ordering via a delivery service.

Yummy Bird Food Cakes From Larder Leftovers

bird food cakes

Hands up who has got a larder or cupboard full of out of date baking ingredients that they can’t bear to throw away? Not only did we have a large pile of all of these, such as dried fruit, nuts, oats, and even coconut from 2015, but we had two boxes of Atora suet that had been eyeing me up imploringly since I opted to use butter in my homemade mincemeat last Christmas! I knew I had to make use of them, and one day it dawned on me that the combination that I had to hand would also make perfect bird food cakes!