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Recycle Your Coats, Sleeping Bags & Blankets for the Homeless

winter coats for charity

Estate agent, Cubitt & West have teamed up with the charity “Stone Pillow” to help keep the homeless warm this winter. They would greatly appreciate any donations of coats, blankets and sleeping bags that are in good condition. You can drop them at any Cubitt & West and they will do the rest. For your nearest branch of Cubitt & West check this branch locator!

How & Where to Recycle Plastic Bottle Tops

Where to Recycle Plastic Bottle Tops

Most plastic bottle tops are made from a plastic that can be recycled, but the vast majority of local authorities do not have the equipment or facilities to process them, particularly small bottle tops. This is often because the bottle tops are too small to go through the machinery, and can cause a problem in the process.

Recycle Your Christmas Tree for Charity

recycle your christmas tree for charity

What better purpose for an unwanted Christmas tree than to raise money for charity. Just Helping who work with hospices, businesses, and volunteers to collect and recycle real Christmas trees and raise money for hospices and other local charities. You can check if there is a collection in your area or register an interest in providing one.

Recycling at School & Community Events | How to Do the Best You Can

Recycling Signs for Events

We are trying to do better at our school at recycling waste at large scale events. We have therefore now adopted a scheme of setting up banks of bins with clearly labelled recycling labels, and where possible have them manned by personnel to direct people to the right bins. It has worked so far, and we are doing much better at separating our waste.

Cut the Food Waste Out Of Your Life | Our Waste Not Want Not Top Tips

reduce food waste tips

Some of us were brought up to clear our plates and eat everything put in front of us even if we were stuffed to the gills and not particularly partial to soggy cabbage. That is because we were brought up by parents and grandparents who remember the war, and really know what it means to go without.  Food waste to that generation was unthinkable but today it seems to have become the norm. 

Wrapping Paper Recycling by County

recycling wrapping paper

Having heard conflicting advice from different areas about whether wrapping paper could be recycled or not, we decided to check each county website in turn. It would appear that in the majority of cases, wrapping paper is accepted for recycling as long as it is free of glitter and plastic, and doesn’t spring back when you scrunch it. Tape and ribbon should also be removed!