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Addicted to Convenience | How We Got Where We Are!

convenience Products

So what a delight to start a new year with the environment so high up on everyone’s agenda. Whatever you thought of the Prime Minister’s speech on the 25 year Environmental Plan, the fact that she felt the need to make it, means that the Government think there’s an appetite for matters environmental at the moment, which is good news indeed. The Attenborough factor has to be high on the list reasons as to why this has suddenly popped into the public consciousness but that’s fine – he’s a legend. However, we think that in order to tackle the problem, we need to have a very long hard look at how we got to where we are in the first place.

Shopping Wisely for Charity Christmas Cards | The WNWN Guide

Christmas Cards

Environmental and resource issues aside, the humble Christmas card is surely one of the greatest traditions of the season – sometimes an annual communication with a friend or loved one that might otherwise see contact lost forever, a time to reconnect, update and just bring a smile in a way that social media never can – it has to be worth the effort…for me at least!

The Three Wise Rules to Christmas Card Buying Resourcefully & Sustainably

Environmentally Friendly Christmas Cards

This year it would seem that more than ever, people are looking to have a resourceful, low waste, pocket and planet friendly Christmas! We’ve been students of the resourceful Christmas for quite a while now, so we thought we would share what we have learned in a series of posts encompassing all things Christmas from cards and wrapping paper to Christmas trees and decorating, present buying and of course, the food and drink!

How to Dry Your Oranges Ready for Your Christmas Crafts

dried oranges

So a couple of weeks ago we posted a photo of our surprise ‘spur of the moment’ waste not project – our dried oranges! A friend of mine had mentioned the ‘lone grapefruit’ in her fruit bowl, which alerted me to the same in mine!  She had duly dried out her pink grapefruit in actual fact, ready for her Christmas wreath! I thought that was a brilliant idea, and she told me exactly how to do it! It really could not have been simpler! Very satisfying indeed!

Help Us With Our Veg Box Challenge!

Veg Box Challenge

So my daughter has just turned eight, and for the fourth time in my motherhood career, I decided I was going to give the organic veg box thing a try! I have failed on three previous occasions to achieve the catalogue organic veg box image of producing veggie delights for all the family, and in fact often couldn’t make a dent in the abundance that have arrived on a weekly basis at our front door, beautiful as they were. The pressure of having to create palatable offerings from ingredients I wasn’t used to cooking with proved more stress than I needed on top of everything else..especially as I literally hate throwing so much as a squishy tomato out! But I am at home now, full time, so I I thought I would give it a go..again!

A Resourceful Shepherds Pie | Waste Not Want Not

A Resourceful Shepherds Pie

There can be little doubt that a Shepherds Pie is a family favourite guaranteed to result in clear plates! It is literally the only dish I have cooked over the years that all of my daughter’s friends have scoffed without a blink of an eye! Even the ones that have highly tuned microscopic onion detectors tuck in! It is so worth the effort to get clean plates and full tums, and of course no wasted portions for a change!