Are Quality Street Wrappers Biodegradable?

quality street wrappers
Lots of people had said that they had heard that Quality Street wrappers were compostable, but there is nothing to say that on the packaging, and there were no news stories relating to it. We decided we would write to them and ask them directly.
It is important to note that these wrappers MUST BE ADDED TO YOUR HOME COMPOST BIN OR FOOD WASTE COLLECTION as they will only degrade by composting.  Please don’t throw them in the bin!
Thanks for getting in touch about Quality Street.
All our Quality Street tins, tubs and cartons are recyclable.
Although not all councils offer kerbside collection of the tubs or tins there should be a local recycling area these can be taken to. Alternatively, the tins and tubs makes fabulous containers for your things.
The chocolates are also wrapped in foil, which is also recyclable, and a Nature Flex wrapper- a renewable material that we use as an alternative to cellophane. These wrappers are compostable so can be added to your home composter.
We are continually reviewing the information displayed on our products, I will pass your feedback on to the Quality Street Brand Team. I hope that this information is help, but do get in touch if you need any further help.
Thanks again,
Consumer Engagement Services

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