Resourceful Recipes

Food waste is an unnecessary thing and there is nothing more satisfying than creating a dish out of something that you might otherwise have thrown away. We have developed lots of creative ways of making sure we use every morsel! Here are our favourite Resourceful Recipes for you to try!

You Say Tomato….How to Make a Delicious Universal Tomato Sauce

We love tomatoes in this house, and would hate to see a single one meet an unfulfilling end. A tomato only goes in the bin here if it can physically walk there. There is just no reason to ever discard such a beautiful, tasty and nutritious fruit. Not only is it full of gorgeous vitamins, but it also contains lypocene, a powerful antioxidant which is said to protect against some forms of cancer. It is full of flavour, adaptable and if you are that way inclined, easy to grow, so we want you to feel the tomato love!

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Broken Biscuit Chocolate Tray Bake

My mum was no baker, so if we wanted something as a treat, we had to make it ourselves! Here is the most kid friendly baking project on the planet. No baking required, and totally scrumptious. And of course, a perfect use for all of those old and broken biscuits.

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