A More Resourceful Easter | Our Top Tips on Reducing the Impact on the Environment this Easter

Packaging Free Easter Eggs

Looking for a guilt free Easter, or at least an Easter where the only guilt you feel is about the amount of Easter eggs you’ve scoffed!?

In the UK alone, we consume 80 boxed million eggs every Easter. That generates almost 4,370 tonnes of cardboard waste – which in our view is entirely unnecessary!  So here are our top tips on minimising your impact on the environment this year, and your local authority’s recycling budget!

Shop Smart for Your Easter Eggs

This goes without saying, but if you buy eggs with less packaging you are massively reducing the environmental impact right there!  Less recycling, less in landfill, less to transport. Try and find loose or packaging free eggs if you can, or at least make some educated purchases!

‘Which’ did a survey of which Easter eggs were the worst offenders when it came to packaging, and it makes interesting reading. Needless to say, none of the big players come out well! Check this out:


Of course, one would have to assume that products such as Green & Blacks, Montezumas & Divine organic fair trade and ethically sourced products tick all of the boxes –  we can’t find any information to support that in terms of their Easter eggs specifically, but it’s got to be a safer bet than the Cadbury’s of the world!

Our pick of the bunch would be the Montezuma’s Eco Egg – it is a thing of beauty, and produced very locally to where I live! Minimal packaging no doubt sourced responsibly as well!


Montezuma's Eco Egg

Montezuma’s Eco Egg

We also found some cool options outside of the supermarket at places like Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shop and smaller retailers, especially loose eggs by weight and some great foil wrapped Easter bunnies!

Foil Wrapped Easter Bunny

Foil Wrapped Easter Bunny

Here’s a list of truly ‘ethical eggs’ although they tend to appeal more to the grown up market and are a little more pricey!  And for the ultimate ‘ethical league table’ check this out: http://www.ethicalconsumer.org/buyersguides/food/eastereggs.aspx

One thing is for sure, when they are stacking it high, and selling it cheap, like the high street big boys do, the environment is seldom top of that particular retailer’s list of priorities, so shop around as much as you can.

And when you are browsing those shelves though, really have a think about it where the packaging might have come from – check for FSR kite marks which at least confirm that cardboard has been sourced sustainably, and generally go for the least amount of packaging you can.

Recycle Your Wrapper

Foil is eminently recyclable of course, so just roll it into a ball and pop it into the recycling! Job done!

Also check your local recycling service to see exactly what else can be recycled in your area. Cardboard is generally recyclable, but plastic inserts are now recyclable in many counties – check your local recycling page listed here to see if yours does.

And watch this video provided by West Sussex Waste for a better understanding of which bits you can and can’t recycle!

This does NOT include plastic bags although I do pop those into my Ocado carrier bags for recycling (a bit cheeky!).


Go Traditional

As a little girl in Germany, whilst chocolate (and unfortunately marzipan) was definitely part of the scene, we also used to hard boil, and paint or dye actual eggs laid by chickens!  Who’d have thought it!?

Egg decorating can be lots of fun, and obviously eating them is fabulously nutritious. You can dye them with lots of lovely natural items, such as onion skins and beetroot and come up with some stunning effects! Of course if you’ve got a cream leg bar chicken like we have, you get blue eggs laid naturally! Even better! Check out some ideas here.


Make Your Own Easter Eggs

Why not invest in some Easter egg moulds and have a go at creating your own! Fun for all the family and something to do in the long school holidays!

And you just know that Lakeland are going to have all the  kit you could possibly want that can be used year after year!