Make your own produce bag

Making a produce bag comes from a recent debate in the supermarket with my dear other half. For a long time I have been content with weighing my produce and sticking the sticker onto one of the said items. He did not share the same thoughts and was bagging potatos in plastic bags, what I deem as an unneccersary manouvure. So this solution is for him, although he looked unimpressed by my creation, and is yet to try it out, regardless, I love it!

Here is how to make your very own produce bag by upcycling an old t-shirt, and some string! You will also need some scissors, and a length of sellotape.


Step one:

Flatten your t shirt onto a large surface. You will be sticking sellotape onto this surface so make sure it is one that it will easily peel off!

Step two:

Cut the hemmed bottom off the t-shirt, you won’t be needed this due to the stitches in it. Proceed to cut the t-shirt into strips until you are a few cm from the arms. The bigger the t-shirt, the bigger the bag! Give all of your loops of t-shirt a bit of a stretch!

Step three:

Arrange the strips back in a line – I made sure I had one of the side seams at the top. Ensure these are lined up nice and straight as these are going to form the top of your bag where the drawstring will be. Stick these down to the surface, and cut the bottom of the loops so you have two strips coming down from each of the t-shirt hoops.

Step four:

Putting the first of the strips to the side, knot the next two together, keep doing this across all of the strips. Once you have done this, it is time to start the next row, do this by knotting together strips from each of the exisiting knots, going along the row again. Once this is complete, knot the next row as per the first row (see diagram!). Keep knotting rows until you have made nice stretchy mesh, leaving enough of the fabric strips at the bottom to tie the bottom together later.

Step five:

Unstick the sellotape and detachs it from your loops, thread string/rope through the loops and then fold the mesh in half so that you can attach together the open ends. I did this by knotting together the two threads that were left over, looping them back through the mesh, and then knotting again. Do this the whole way down the length of your produce bag.

Step six:

Knot together the adjacent bottom strips of fabric to bring the bottom of the bag together. Altenatively, you can cut some fabric off the remains of the t-shirt, passing this through the bottom loops and knot these together. Once the bottom is knotted together, cut off any loose ends to tidy up.

Step seven:

Turn the produce bag inside out if you wish so that the bottom knots are on the inside. Pass one end of the string back though the loops to create the drawstring. Knot the two ends of the string together.

Step eight.

Fill it full of produce on your next trip to the supermarket!