Plastic Free July? What’s It All About?

So we’ve been aware of plastic free July for a couple of years now, but had kind of given it a passing nod. This year, like many others, we have decided that we need to give it a little bit more attention. The movement towards a #plasticfree world has taken on a new momentum and it seems like the sensible thing to climb on board!

We have also realised just how easy it is to reduce the amount of plastic in our lives if we put our minds to it whether it is reusing bags, coffee cups, bottles or straws, or buying plastic free produce. There are so many ways to do it. ‘Plastic free’ may also sound way too daunting, but it really is about making small changes. In the past year, we have just about completely cut out using cling film by changing to reusable wraps and aluminium foil – which can at least be recycled. We’ve still got a long way to go, but one step at a time.

And if you are beginning to get a little bit of ‘tree hugging fatigue’, then perhaps you’ll be interested to know that that’s not where we are coming from at all. Of course we care about the environment and the world our children are growing up in, but we fundamentally hate waste of any description – whether that be time, talent, resource, money or doing anything that just doesn’t need doing!

The bottom line is that we just don’t need plastic! It uses resource, it requires endless processing and it creates unnecessary and often unrecyclable waste.  If we reduce, reduce and recycle, it just makes everything that much easier! Maybe it’s our Germanic heritage, or the fact that we grew up with grandparents  and parents who instilled the ‘waste not, want not resourceful’ ethic into our lives, but as a society we have to halt the current addiction to consumption, convenience and disposability! It’s just not healthy!

So this year we are doing our best to help spread the word on how you can reduce plastic in your life for #plasticfreejuly.  Plastic Free July is the initiative of an organisation in Australia and the Plastic Free July Foundation’s mission is to build a global movement that dramatically reduces plastic use and improves recycling. They have lots of great resources to encourage people to do that, and it is well worth checking out their website, and also registering your pledge. Their vision is a world without plastic waste. Over 2 million people from 159 countries are choosing to be part the Plastic Free July challenge, reducing their consumption of single-use plastics in July and beyond.

We’ll keep you informed, but in the meantime, if you could fill out this very short survey, it will help us to know what you need to know to help you reach your particular goals!

Thank you very much!


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