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If you want to reduce waste, chances are you are you have an eye for how you can reuse lots of items! We know we do. Here are are our ideas for great things you can make yourself to reduce waste and live a more resourceful life.

Cutlery Pouches #carryyourown

We want to set a trend, carry your own. Carry your own what though? Well aside from a water bottle and coffee cup, we want you to start carrying your own cutlery and reusable straw. We all know that plastic cutlery is just rubbish anyway, in every sense of the word. I have had a beautiful piece of fabric I bought a few years back from Liberty sitting in my fabric stash waiting for the ideal project, and here it is! Our guide to making a handy pouch to carry round your cutlery in!

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How to Make Beeswax Wraps | Introducing More Reusables into Your Life

Last year WNWN posted about re-suable sandwich and snack bags. These little beauties are still used daily in our house and I no longer need expensive single-use sandwich bags. However I was still using cling film for odd bits of food, in the fridge especially. Then a friend posted on social media her home-made beeswax wraps.

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